About us

Frutas goostar


Frutas Goostar, created in 2012 take place in ALMERÍA, the company is dedicated to Spanish fruits and vegetables exportation. 

In order to propose a range of fruits and vegetables of quality, Frutas Goostar develops it's own brands: Goosta and Armada. 



Goosta is a top primary brand. The research of taste is a priority for our company. 

Because of it, varieties and sites of production are selected with attention, in order to guarantee the conformity of our products with your waits.


Goosta : The label service

A valuable promise

- High-end segment

- High quality products 

- Selected products



ARMADA proposes the essential of a food rich in fruits and vegetables for an high value for money. Products can be preserved for a long time and at an attractive price.


Armada :The brand which gets straight to the point

- The quality for all

- The brand at the service of consumers

- A good value for money


The concept GOOSTA is based on " the selection of the best products, stemming from the best soils, at the best moment ".


The concept GOOSTA is based on the construction of a narrow partnership with producers and retailers and on the notion of range.


It is a concept of quality and marketing that aims at securing consumers in their purchases of fruits and vegetables, by insuring them a selection of the best products, and to develop loyalty around this brand by developing a marketing store (point-of-sale advertising, animations and various promotional actions).